Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tech Tip Tuesday: Read and Write for Google Chrome

Oh my goodness. It's been awhile, hasn't it? Last semester was simply a whirlwind for me. I was teaching a graduate class and had to take two to renew my certification....all in addition to my regular gig as an ESOL coach! Needless to say, something had to take back burner and it was my beloved blog. Fortunately for me, things have eased up and I can get back to sharing great tricks and tips with you!!

Before I delve into this week's tech tip, I'm excited to share that I am now a Certified Google for Education Trainer! It was a lot of hard work, but I've learned so much I can't wait to share with you....

Like this week's gem- Read&Write for Google Chrome! This tool is an extension that works only with the Google Chrome browser. It has so many cool features that can help students who struggle with reading and writing- whether they struggle with language proficiency or something else. With this tool students can:

  • Hear words or passages read aloud (documents and websites)
  • See the meanings of words with embedded text and picture dictionaries
  • Hear text translated into other languages
  • Simplify and summarize text on webpages
  • Use speech-to-text for writing support
It initially begins with a 30-day trial for the full feature version, but teachers are eligible for a FREE premium subscription after install.

Why this is great for ELLs:
This tool can be great for providing reading and writing support, especially for students at lower language proficiency levels. The translation features can allow students to stay current on course content even if they have not fully acquired the English language. When used properly, this tool can be an excellent way to differentiate in the classroom. Additionally, if used at home, this can be a great homework support.

Have you used this tool in your classroom? I'd love to hear how!

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