Monday, December 28, 2015

ELL Strategy: Vocabulary Explorers

This strategy focuses on helping students acquire academic language through really getting to know the word- not just the word’s meaning, but how it is used in context. This activity gives students the opportunity to learn and apply new academic vocabulary in a rich, meaningful way.

Each student will need an index card, at least 4”x 6” or larger, and a pencil. Follow the procedure below:

  1. Introduce the word in a meaningful context. All students should hear/see the same context to begin with.
  2. Write the word and definition on the board for students to copy in the upper left hand corner of the index card.
  3. Together as a group, restate or explain the word in the upper right hand corner. Students can also use their own words, depending on level of proficiency.
  4. Work together to create a visual representation- students can use the same one or create their own that makes more sense to them. This goes in the bottom left.
  5. Finally, talk about ways that the word connects to their own personal understanding or experience. Students should fill in personal connections in the lower right corner.
Front of card
 On the back, the card should be divided into threes. As students learn more about the word or the topic, they can apply and extend their knowledge by making more personal connections, creating questions about the word or questions that the word would answer, and reviewing how the word is used in context.

Back of card
Each student then has their own vocabulary card that they can keep to support and extend their understanding of the word throughout a unit. I like to punch holes in the upper right corner and give each student a large binder ring and a small binder ring. While we are studying the unit that relates to the words, they stay on the small binder ring. When it is time to move on to a new unit, old vocabulary explorer cards are moved to the larger binder ring with other words learned throughout the year.

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  1. Great strategy! Making personal connections is so important to learning new vocabulary.

    Buzzing with Ms. B