Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tech it for Granted: Once You've Gotten the Grant

Once you've gotten the grant there are still things to do! The tips below will help keep you organized.

1.  Get to purchasing!
From my experience, in some districts (ok,  most), it can take weeks or even months to get an order through purchasing from submission to fulfillment. I ordered materials for one grant in May and didn't have them in hand until September. As soon as funds are available, get your order process started. Stay on top of it until you have the materials in your hands!

2. Implement your materials
As soon as you have materials in your possession, begin implementing! The more time your students have to use the equipment or software or program you are implementing, the more time they'll have to show growth. This is especially important if the ordering process takes longer than expected.

3. Keep records of everything!
Some grants require an accounting of how funds are used, or data to show student achievement. It is easiest to keep track of this information between receiving the funds and turning in final documents rather than to have to scramble to collect everything close to the deadline. When ordering, ask for copies of POs for your grant records. Track student data. Take anecdotal notes. Scan and save student work samples. I find Google Drive and an accordion folder useful tools for keeping track of my records.

4. Take pictures!
Take pictures of the students using the materials, software, or equipment you purchased or received. These can be helpful for anecdotal notes, or in the event you choose to present or publish in the future. They also make great additions to thank you notes!

Best of luck in implementing the materials you purchased! Tune in next week for my final parting thoughts.


  1. This entire series is excellent! It gives teachers all the info they need to apply for a grant in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. This is almost exactly what I did when I applied for a grant some years ago. (I didn't need a PO to purchase materials.) Following these steps should result in a successful grant application!

    -- Susan
    The ESL Connection