Thursday, May 2, 2013

The best Pencil Sharpener EVER!! know that endless parade to the pencil sharpener that goes on in every classroom? And the loud, loud sound of work-avoidance-sharpening? Well....have I got a solution for you!!

This is THE BEST pencil sharpener EVER!! I love it and so do my students. Here are the best things about it:
  1. It attaches to any table, so I can put it ANYWHERE in my classroom that is convenient for me.
  2. The removable clear tray makes it easy to empty and the sharpenings do not leak out to fall on the floor and make a mess.
  3. QUIET!! It is so quiet!! I can keep teaching even when a student is sharpening.
  4. It automatically stops sharpening when the pencil is sharp. The handle just loses tension- so no "all day" sharpening!!
  5. This pencil sharpener makes the sharpest pencils I have ever had!! 
I really really really love how sharp the pencils get. The teachers who are in my evening CPD classes were even raving about how sharp they are!!

So, where did I get this AMAZING pencil sharpener? From . I also really like that the website is owned and operated by another teacher!! I'd much rather spend money & help another teacher at the same time!!

You're really missing out if you don't have one of these. Head over today and get yours!! You'll be so happy you did!

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