Saturday, April 27, 2013

School's (Almost) Out Blog Hop & Giveaway

I can't believe that the year is almost over! It has been a busy and exhausting year for me, and I'm really looking forward to some relaxation this summer.

The end of this school year will be a little bittersweet for me, as I will be leaving the classroom for the foreseeable future. No- I'm not leaving education, but I am moving to a position as an Elementary ESOL Coach with my district.
Yup....this looks about right!
I'm very excited because I will have the opportunity to work with both ESOL and mainstream teachers and help them tailor their instruction to really meet the needs of the English language learners in their classes. I will have a focus group for the ESOL teachers where we study The Langauge Rich Classroom by Patricia Himmele. For the mainstream teachers, my focus group will study The SIOP Model. If you're a mainstream teacher who is not familiar with the SIOP model, I highly recommend reading about it this summer. It will enrich the instruction you provide for all your students, not just your ELLs.

I've always loved doing PD and working with teachers to help them improve the instruction they provide to their English language learners, so I'm thrilled at this opportunity to share my knowledge. The part I'm not looking forward to? Boxing up EVERYTHING in my classroom for the move to Central Office. Ugh. I hate moving!

A year is.....

One of the fun things that I've been doing with my kids lately is figuring out different ways that we can describe a year. I wanted to review with them some basic things that they should know, but according to their math teacher, are not familiar with. First, I had students refresh their memories. Each student got a sticky note with a mystery number, and had to place it on the chart correctly: 

Then we began by thinking of things that we do, eat or use throughout the year, and how much time we spend doing it or the amount that we use or eat. This required finding out how much per day, week, month and then year. Lots of multiplying and critical thinking. Here's some of the things that the kids came up with:

So, what is a year to you??

The Blog Hop and Giveaway
So, as the title implies, there is an awesome School's (ALMOST) Out Blog hop and giveaway going on!! It is being hosted by Krystal Mills Lesson from the Middle and Create, Teach, Share.
We'll have one grand prize winner who will win an awesome variety of products! Here's the list of the awesome things you could win!

  • Editable Teacher Binder 
  • Time Flies - End of Year Literacy Activities
  • Class Votes Awards Kit
  • End-of-the-YearNew-Year-Introduction-Student-Brochure-Project
  • Seasonal Demand Writing Prompt Bundled Set
  • traditional lit versus fractured fairy tale
  • Combining Like Terms - Quick Review
  • Alien Text Talk Full Year Daily Language Practice ~ Grammar, Spelling
  • Measurement Wars Bundle
  • Fun with Probability
  • 20 Figurative Language Posters
  • Create a SMART Goal Board
  • Choice of any 3 items in the hosts' TPT Stores
  • $30 Amazon gift card!
I've donated my Fun with Probability Lesson Pack to the giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, head on over to Lessons in the Middle and get started with your entries!! There are a lot of awesome sellers participating in this blog hop and giveaway! Don't miss your chance to get some great stuff!


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