Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun!

I hope every one of you has had a fabulous day! There are few days in the year when a teacher feels so loved by her students as Valentine's Day! Being an ESOL teacher, I sometimes get forgotten when it comes to holidays. You lucky classroom teachers get to have parties with your classes and get cute Valentines from them! BUT, this year, my second graders definitely didn't forget me! They are so stinkin' cute! I got so much candy and so many hugs, it was wonderful!

Since we specialists don't get to do parties with our students usually, we decided to have a Valentine's Celebration for our students during our afterschool program. The kids were thrilled! They brought snacks, and we did some fun activities. First, my 2nd grade tutees wanted to make something special for their 5th grade tutors. So, we made paper flower bouquets! They were so proud to give them to their tutors!

This super-cute craft is also super easy to do! First, fold a piece of paper in half hot-dog style. Then, make sure the fold is facing you, and make a cut every inch or so up to about 1 and 1/2 inches from the edge. Then, re-do your hot dog fold, but instead of folding it evenly, make sure one edge is about 1 inch from the other edge. Staple, glue, or tape the edges this way. This makes your leaves stand out. Then, create a circle with the uncut edges, so that the leaves poof out, and staple. Finally, cut out some flowers and glue to the tops of your leaves. We also added some hearts to make it valentine-y.

Update: I've created a Video Tutorial on how to create these super cute paper bouquets!

The students also made Heart Animals. We talked about symmetry, cut out a bunch of hearts, and then used the hearts to make animals. When our animals were finished, we added GOOGLY EYES (what project involving googly eyes isn't fun??). Finally, we practiced our possessives by writing about our animals' favorite activities and foods. Here's a picture of their heart animals:

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