Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday: Photo Math

This week's tech tip is a cool one that you can share with parents (or students) to help them check their math homework. Photo Math is a neat app that allows you to scan a math problem with your device's phone (only computer printed, the app does not work on handwriting currently). The app walks the user through the steps to solve the problem one-by-one and displays the correct answer.

This tool is great for parents or students for all levels of math, from basic operations to high-school level math like linear equations, quadratic equations, and inequalities. The apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Why this is great for ELLs:
ELLs can check their answers and view step by step, in real time, how to correctly solve problems they are struggling with. Homework is designed to provide valuable practice of difficult skills, and instant feedback like that from Photo Math can really help maximize student learning. It can also help parents keep up with students and assist them with supporting their students.

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