Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Scoop 3-1-15

Wow, I can't believe it is March already! My last few months have been so full of conference presentations, ACCESS testing for ELLs, and attending FETC. Hopefully this month will slow down a little.

Things I have to do...
So, this week I have to figure out what to do about my car- a less-than-fun prospect. I'd been saving up money to replace the '95 Maxima I've been driving since college. I had planned to save for another year, then sell the Maxima and use that money in addition to what I'd saved to buy a new car, and cover inspections, taxes, tag/title, etc. Well, the universe had other plans, and I had an accident on the ice Thursday night. My Maxima is totaled. Since the car was so old, carrying full coverage cost more than 2x the car's value in a year, so I couldn't afford that and only carried liability. Which means, insurance isn't going to help replace my car. I started a great GoFundMe campaign where you can get items from my TPT store or a hand-crocheted item in exchange for a donation.  

And of course, it is down to Sunday and I need groceries, but there was a thick layer of ice on the ground when I woke up, so it looks like I'll be taking a hike to the local grocery this afternoon and getting what I can carry home with me, supplementing when the roads are better.

I'm also trying to choose a Seuss book (I have so many favorites) to read to the children at one of our elementary schools tomorrow morning (if we have school) for Read Across America Day. I'm really looking forward to this since my work is mostly centered around teacher training these days.

Things I hope to do...
Later this month, I'm speaking to my district's tech trainers about Aurasma and how it can be used in the classroom. I'm really looking forward to that as I am in love with Aurasma. I think it is so exciting and has so many great applications for education (maybe I should cover that in a tech tip Tuesday soon!). I have most of the presentation put together, but need to do more practice with the newer version of Aurasma studio (my account is still on the older version).

Also, later this month is the third meeting of the Technology for ELLs Focus Group I'm leading for teachers in my district. We've completed our study of the book Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works, and we've learned a lot of great new tech items. I need to put together this meeting, where I plan to show a few new tools, teach them how to make a video using keynote, and then we'll have a discussion about app evaluation and choosing apps for the classroom. I have a plan- I just need to make the presentation!

Things I'm happy to do...
In two weeks, we're heading down to Gulfport, MS for Gulf Wars. For me, this event is historical reenactment, family reunion, and fun with friends all rolled into one. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's at least a *little* warmer there than it is here right now, so yay for that too!

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