Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday: Quizlet

February is here! Tech Tip Tuesday continues this week with a fun review tool....Quizlet! Quizlet allows you to create digital flashcards that can be accessed and practiced from iOS devices, Android devices and the web.

You can use multiple languages and even insert images. There are so many ways to use this to help both newcomers and higher level students develop their vocabulary. You can create classes or groups and add your students to them so that you can create specific cards for specific students.

Here's an image of a set I recently made for some Korean vocabulary I am learning:

Even cooler, once you create a set of cards and share them with your class, a whole series of practice activities are automatically created:

Quizlet can be used to:

  • Review and practice vocabulary for newcomers
  • Practice new vocabulary
  • Review learned vocabulary
  • Math facts
Why this is great for ELLs:
I love that it has multiple language options as well as the option to add images. For newcomers you can do cards with image on one side and English word on the other, or English word on one side and word in native language on the other side. It can also be used to help students at any level visually review academic language. I especially love that it reads the word aloud to the student so that they can hear it as they see it. 

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