Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Scoop 2-22-15

Another weekend, full of ice and snow, has come and gone. Most of the weekend I spent working on a few blog and TpT-related projects, as well as put finishing touches on my powerpoint for the workshop I'm leading tomorrow.

The last few weeks, Sunday has snuck up on me and I've missed the Sunday Scoop. However, here's this weeks!

In order to even get out for work in the morning, I first have to dig my car out from the few feet of snow it is buried under. Then, I have to arrive at the office early to set up for the workshop I'm leading tomorrow (Writing WIDA Expanded MPI Strands). Mostly, it's just a matter of setting up my projector and arranging a few tables- no biggie. And....dishes. Ugh. I've let them get a little out of control in my project-tunnel vision phase this weekend.

I hope to get my lunches made for the week this evening. I've stalled a little in my weight loss and want to get back on track. That means taking a healthy lunch with me so I don't eat snack foods or fast food. I also hope to get one night of restful sleep tonight. I didn't sleep well last night (my mind was racing), so I'm hoping tonight will be better.

One thing I'm happy to spend a little time on this evening is the new "History of St. Paddy's Day" video I'm putting together for my YouTube channel. It's going to be a fun little video and I'm having a blast putting it together.

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  1. I also need to prep my meals and snacks for this week. It's always easier when you have snacks already portioned out and ready to grab and go! My problem is actually prepping ahead of time! Hope you have a great week!

    Christine from The Math Nerdette