Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday: Multiple Intelligence Quiz

Welcome to another Tech Tip Tuesday! January is almost over. 2015 is trucking right along!

If you're like me, you're always trying to find ways to better meet your students' needs and interests to make learning fun. Some students have special needs, some are still developing their English proficiency- but they all also have individual learning styles as well. That's a lot to take into consideration!

One tool I've found helpful in the past is this super cool Birmingham Grid For Learners Multiple Intelligences Test. This particular test is for elementary learners and is pretty easy to understand. Students choose their answers, and at the end, receive a chart showing their intelligences.

They also receive a code. You can use this code, click "view results" and choose "view class results". You can input the code from each student in your class, and receive a chart showing the overall intelligences of your class.

This makes planning whole-class activities and individual projects a breeze because you can easily see the strengths and weaknesses of each class and individual. 

Why this is great for ELLs:
Choosing activities that cater to ELLs' specific intelligences can make them more comfortable and more willing to take linguistic risks. It can also provide them with ways that allow them to demonstrate their knowledge in spite of lower language proficiency.

Give it a try!

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