Monday, September 8, 2014

5 Books Every Teacher with English Language Learners Should Read

Since I began my career, I've read many books about education in general, and specifically, educating English language learners. Through this process I've learned a lot about best practices and discovered many strategies that I've successfully incorporated into my own teaching practice. I thought it might be helpful to you if I shared the top 5 books that I've found helpful and informative for teachers of ELLs.

1. Making content comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model
This book is an excellent resource for teachers at any level. It begins with information about English language learners and the issues teachers are faced with when educating them, then lays out the 8 components and 30 features of the SIOP model. It also includes a variety of strategies for implementing each component. This really is a must read for any mainstream teacher who serves English language learners.

2. The Language Rich Classroom
In this book, the authors present a five-part framework that teachers can use to help both ELLs and other students improve their language and comprehension skills. The CHATS framework is easy to implement and highly effective. This book also contains more than 25 strategies with information about how these strategies benefit ELLs.

3. Myths and Realities: Best Practices for English Language Learners
This book explores and dispels some of the most common myths surrounding the education of English language learners. The author also discusses best ways to meet the needs of the fastest-growing segment of the student population in the US.

4. Literacy with an Attitude: Educating Working-Class Children in Their Own Self Interest
This book doesn't specifically discuss ELLs, but it does address the issues in education facing students who come from lower socioeconomic status, and why it is important to educate these children differently. In my career, most of the ELLs I've worked with come from lower socioeconomic status backgrounds, so this book definitely pertains to them!

5. Scaffolding Langauge, Scaffolding Learning: Teaching Second Language Learning in the Mainstream Classroom
This book is specifically aimed at mainstream teachers who have no specialized training in meeting the needs of their ELLs. The author offers practical advice on how to teach language through content such that students are successful in learning both simultaneously. Her ideas and suggestions are supported with research. This is an excellent book for learning how to fully involve ELLs in the school culture and equip them with the language and content skills they need to be successful.

In the interest of full disclosure, as an Amazon associate, if you choose to purchase one of these books through the provided links above, I do receive a small kickback. However, these are all excellent books to inform your professional practice, and I would highly recommend them. 

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