Monday, October 8, 2012

Strategy of the Week

Strategy of the Week-
Chain of Events

This strategy can be used with both fictional texts and non-fiction texts,  as well as any set of steps or events (like the phases of the moon). Give students a story or article to read.

1.     After reading, have students write down 4-8 important events from the story or article. I suggest you set the number for students based on the article or story.
2.     Give students several strips of construction paper. Have them write their events on the strips of paper, one event per strip. They can also add a picture of the event if they want.
3.     Students should glue or tape the ends of the first strip together to create a loop.
4.     Students should loop the first strip through the second strip and tape the ends. Repeat to create an interlocking chain of events.

To use with fiction texts:

  • Have students identify and sequence the important events in the story
To use with non-fiction texts:
  • Have students identify & sequence important historical events
  • Have students identify & sequence events in a Bigoraphy or an Autobiography
  • Have students identify & sequence steps in a how-to essay or before creating their own how-to essay
My students always enjoy this activity, and it is a nice way to decorate your room with educational work!

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