Thursday, March 8, 2012

Teacher Feature

Welcome to The ESOL Odyssey's Teacher Feature! Once a month, I will be featuring one amazing teacher who works with English Language Learners in the classroom. If you are interested in becoming a featured teacher, please fill in this form!

Meet Michele Luck!

Location: Kentucky

Tell us a little about your teaching career: I have taught grades 6-12 in Social Studies and Language Arts for 13 years. I am currently teaching 10th grade World History and an elective Mock Trial class.

What's your favorite thing about being a teacher? I love it when I can get my students interested in the topics I enjoy. It is much more fun to teach when everyone is wanting to know more!

What is your experience teaching English Language Learners? I have taught students from around the world, but we currently have a large population of Burmese refugees in my school. This has been my greatest ESL challenge since there are few resources available to me to help these students understand and learn.

Tell us about the English language learners you teach.   I have 2-3 ESL/ELL students in each of my 6 classes. They range in proficiency from very little English language usage to some who are almost fluent. The most significant influence is the time the students have been in the U.S. and have had access to the U.S. classroom.

How do you differentiate learning in your classroom to meet the needs of your English language learners? To help reach all of my students (ESL, Spec. Ed. and all of those with different learning styles and needs), I am very visual and interactive in my classroom. Many of the activities and lessons I create involve student interaction, visual analysis, and cooperative opportunities. My students are often learning through images, videos, music, and more.

In the classroom I....I love to dance. With that love, I have taught my students different dances appropriate for the classes I am teaching. My favorite has to be teaching the Charleston in my U.S. History classes. There is nothing more fun than watching 17 year old boys attempt the kicks!

Outside the classroom I....When I am not in my classroom, I am traveling. My husband and I love to camp, making our way across the United States and visiting the many state and national parks. We are also great fans of Disney World!

I bet you didn't know that....Outside of my classroom, I appear as extremely professional and calm. Inside my classroom, I dance and sing, and take on a variety of personae in my daily teaching. My students don't know what to expect, and my colleagues would never believe the students if they went out and told them!

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Thanks, Michele, for being part of the Teacher Feature! I hope to hear from and about many more of you!

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