Sunday, September 11, 2011

Strategy of the Week (and a freebie!)

Zip Around
This activity provides students with a chance to apply content knowledge and practice content vocabulary while developing their listening and speaking skills.
Identify the important vocabulary and facts for practice or review. Create the pattern you will use on a piece of notebook paper to ensure that you will have answers for each question and that your cards will enable you to return to the starting question. Remember that the answer should not match the question on the same card, but rather will answer the question from the card preceding it. Make sure that there is only one answer for each question included. Write the questions into the template or onto index cards.

For example one card might say: “I have soil. Who has what plants need to make their own food?” The card that follows that would read “I have sunlight. Who has the part that plants use to take water from the soil?” The third card would then read,  "I have roots. Who has the part of the plant containing the reproductive organs?"   Clearly, this strategy can be adapted for many different content areas and topics.

Print these cards out on cardstock and laminate before playing to make them last longer.
  1. Mix up the cards, and then pass one out to each student.
  2. The first student to go should not read his or her “I have”, but instead begin with “Who has….?”
  3. The student who has the answer responds with “I have….”. “Who has…?”
  4. This pattern continues until each student has read his/her answer and question and you end with the student who began.
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