Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top 10 reasons to be a teacher!

I know that the end of school is approaching, and many of you are running low on fuel and losing steam. So here's something to put the umph back into the end of your school year. Here are some of the highlights of my 3 years of teaching, and the reasons I get out of bed every morning to do it again!

10. Those unexpected hugs, thank-yous, and other little ways they show you their appreciation.
9. The joy of sharing your knowledge with spongy little minds ready to soak it up.
8. The fun you (sometimes) have when planning awesome lessons.
7. The excitement in their voices when they tell you their latest "news".
6. Occasionally taking time out to work on something artsy or just color with your kiddos- "You're gonna make one too, Mrs. J?"
5. Their rapt attention as you read them a new story for the first time.
4. The days when they come back to "visit" you after going to middle school, high school, or beyond and you can see the amazing people they've turned into.
3. Drawings of YOU to hang on your.....(wall, fridge, desk, door, bulletin board, etc)
1. That amazing "ah-ha" moment when you can see they finally get it!!

The only amazing thing I left off of here is the "surprise" birthday party my middle schoolers threw me on my birthday two years ago during study hall! They all planned together secretly (all three grades!) and brought snacks, food, music, and homemade birthday cards!! Best. Birthday. Ever.

Very few jobs have rewards like these folks. We certainly don't do it for the pay, we don't to it for the respect, remember...WE'RE ALL JUST HERE FOR THE KIDS!

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