Monday, March 7, 2011

Midnight oil and candles with two wicks....

Sometimes when I get home at night, I am so exhausted that I can hardly think. In addition to spending quality time with my husband, keeping my house from becoming totally filthy, and cooking (or nuking) something that resembles food of some sort, I still have papers to grade and lessons to plan.

That's right. While the average American is vegged out in front of the TV, enjoying a few mindless hours of entertainment before heading to bed and getting ready to do it all over again, your child's teacher (or a teacher somewhere if you don't have children) is planning how he or she is going to educate your child tomorrow at the expense of quality time with his or her own family.

Many people argue that teachers are provided with a planning period and if they were more time-efficient then they wouldn't have to take work home. Ha ha. Planning periods are a joke. My first year of teaching, 4 out of 5 days a week, my "planning" time consisted of meetings, but no actual planning time. Since my position was split between two schools, my "planning" time is actually travel time. So am I supposed to do lesson plans behind the wheel of my car? Read and correct persuasive essays while on the interstate?

Even now, I have a quiz to create and some projects to grade. My eyelids are weighing heavily, and I'm wondering if tonight I can actually get enough sleep before I have to get up and do it all again.....?

So appreciate your night off....and somewhere, sometime soon, say "thank you" to a teacher. Even better, seek out a teacher who left his or her mark on your life, and thank them.

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