Saturday, January 17, 2015

To a police officer, from a teacher

Dear Officer,

In recent times, there has been a backlash on social media and mainstream media for people who wear the uniform. When you are one of those dedicated individuals who pour your heart and soul into your profession, I know how much it hurts to see that profession denigrated by the public.

You see, I'm a teacher. Just like you, I am far more likely to see the negative examples of those who've chosen my profession exhibited as the "typical" in the media, even if that is far from the truth. Like you, I've often put my own wants, needs, and desires to the back burner in order to meet my calling- serving those I've pledged to serve. For me, that's children. For you, public safety.

Even if that means working late hours when my family wants to see me, or missing family holidays because I have to "catch up"- something that never truly happens because there's always something to do- even when I'm "off". Like you, there's always someone my heart laments over because, despite my best efforts, they "fell through the cracks".

Like you, I've laid awake at night, wondering if I've made the right choices and asked the right questions of those who depend on me. People depend on us for different reasons, that's true, but they depend on us nonetheless.

Like you, I've questioned whether I'd have the courage to be the person I think I am when it comes down to it. I know we both have fears of facing an armed gunman. For you, its the decision of when to pull the trigger. For me, it's the choice of the lives of 30 children over mine- a no brainer until you're looking down the barrel of a gun.

Though our decisions and lives differ in many aspects, they converge in many too- the desire to make a better tomorrow from a crappy today. I want you to know that I see you- and I see the good examples. You are the officer who takes groceries to the single mom you caught stealing milk- instead of arresting her. You are the officer who resuscitates a kitten because it is a living being. You are the officer who asks questions before pulling the trigger. You are the officer who comforts a grieving widow.

You are appreciated.


  1. This is so beautiful. As a teacher and a member of a family with many officers I share your sentiments.

    1. Thanks Denise! Please express my appreciation for all they do to the officers in your family.